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Addicted to True Crime - Tumbler Wrap

Addicted to True Crime - Tumbler Wrap

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Tumbler wraps are designed for skinny straight tumblers.   Available on either matte white vinyl, glossy white vinyl, glossy clear vinyl or as a sublimation transfer.  

All vinyl prints are printed using an eco-solvent printer.      

For the glossy clear vinyl, anything white will be clear as the printer does not print white.  Glitter will show through the print when applied over glitter.  Best for white or light coloured backgrounds.

Sublimation transfers are printed using high quality sublimation paper and inks. Sublimation transfers require a heat press and properly coated sublimation products. Sublimation transfers are good for one time use only. Please note that the white colours do not sublimate. Any white parts of the transfer will take on the colour of the actual substrate. For example, if pressing onto a blue substrate, any white spots in the transfer will show as blue.