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Pink Shirt Day - Sublimation or Heat Transfer Vinyl

Pink Shirt Day - Sublimation or Heat Transfer Vinyl

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  • Infant: 5 - 6” 

  • Toddler: 7 - 8”

  • Youth: 8 - 9“

  • Adult S/M: 9 - 10”

  • Adult LG: 11 - 12”

Please measure your garment or substrate to ensure proper sizing.  The dimensions listed are on the longest side.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Designs come pre-weeded so all you have to do is transfer to the shirt using the sheet of masking provided with your order and press! 

Pre-press the shirt for 5-10 sec to remove any moisture from the shirt.   Align the transfer where you would like it.  Press at 305°F for 20sec.   Allow to cool for a minute before removing masking sheet.   Press shirt again for another 10-15 sec with a sheet of parchment or teflon over top.   


Sublimation ink only adheres to polyester fibers in material or to sublimation specific substrates that are coated with a polyester coating.   If fabric is less than 100% polyester, the ink will wash out of the non-polyester threads.  The lower the poly count, the more vintage the design will look.   As a reminder, sublimation does not use white ink, therefore any white in the design will be the colour of your substrate.   For example if you press onto a pink shirt, anything white on the transfer will be pink.   

A heat press is necessary with sublimation transfers!  You will not get an even press/colour using an iron or Cricut Easy press. 

Pre-heat garment for 3-5 seconds, use a “blow out” paper to put inside the shirt so the ink does not transfer to the back. You can use “heat tape” to tape the design face down on to the shirt, so it doesn’t slide around when you are pressing and cause a shadow or ghosting in the ink. Cover the top with more blow out paper. Press for 60 seconds at 400° - medium pressure. Remove the transfer immediately.  As every heat press is different, you may need to adjust your time.  

All transfers are non-refundable, and we are not responsible for user error. By purchasing you agree that you have the correct equipment required, and have read instructions thoroughly.